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                800 830 3899


                SPLITSETNLT4 SPUTNIK T Splitset NLT4 for d&b
                • · consisting of: SAAT4MN4F und SACT4FN4M
                • · for d&b T series
                • · adapts 2 speaker signals to a 4-channel multicore
                • · designed with LY225S
                • · fanout lengths: SAAT4MN4F: 0.6m; SACT4FN4M: 0.5 und 1.2m
                • · Z2292.002
                • · tag channel A, channel B
                • 技術參數
                • 資料下載


                sku: SPLITSETNLT4

                type T Splitset NLT4 F/M for d&b
                input SAAT4MN4F: NLT4MXBAG - 2x NLT4FXBAG
                output SACT4FN4M: NLT4FXBAG - 2x NLT4MXBAG
                fanout length    SAAT4MN4F: 600; SACT4FN4M: 500, 1200 mm
                colour black
                weight 1,4418 kg