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                800 830 3899




                我們註重創新的科卐技,不斷跟蹤中國市場的需要及發展方 嗤向,以引進各地最先進的產品為宗★旨;以提供創新的技術和完善的服務為目標;以商業Ψ信譽和客戶承諾為使命。

                We were established in Hong Kong in 1997 focusing on professional audio business including product supply and project management. Through the years of continuous growth and expansion, the company has become a leading edge of system design and professional products supplier in Hong Kong and China.

                To cope with the enormous market demands and business potential in China, We have set up 2 strategic locations in Guangzhou, Beijing. These offices offer full service local support to our distributors from marketing support, system design, as well as technical information and after sales services.

                We have become the leader of the professional audio business as we possess strong market and product knowhow, experienced professionals, and proactive business attitude with world class technology products.

                WE ARE THE PIONEER
                As technology is rapidly evolving in our marketplace, our mission is to track and introduce the most advanced products from all over the world.

                Our goal is to provide the leading technology and the best services so as to reinforce our reputation and commitment to our valued customers.